"I" is for Incubation

Coming up with great ideas for your talk or teaching isn't always a simple thing. Whilst activities like brainstorming, using different lenses/perspectives or research can all help; sometimes you still hit a blaring roadblock. Often the best solution isn't to keep running your ideas into the ground. Sometimes we need to stop and let our ideas incubate…

"E" is for Engaging

In order to help learners reach desired learning objectives, we need to be able to get their attention, retain it, and actively engage thinking. Learn how to do this by 1) Breaking down information 2) Using cases and analogies and 3) Creating space for interaction with the audience ...

"D" is for Detail [Great Pictures]

Three of the most common mistakes I see made in presentations with pictures is the use of:

1) Poor quality images

2) Inappropriate choices of pictures

3) Use of copyright pictures or without crediting

I discuss each of these challenges and provide some great alternative sources for finding high resolution pictures for use in presentations...

"B" is for Bold

In both presentations and slide design, it is worthwhile being bold once in a while. This can be found in your style of speaking through the use grand gestures and change of volume or pitch. It can also be utilised as a design tool such as through typography and sizing.