Conference and Medical Education Projects


Social Media and Critical Care Conference [] -> CODA []

SMACC is an absolutely fantastic critical care conference with a social media/free open access medical education twist. It really engages critical care and pre-hospital health care workers to think and aspire towards improving practice, communication and patient outcomes.

My role: Organising committee. This has included start up and establishment of student volunteers, start up of student bursaries, pre-conference competitions & in-conference competitions. This year 2019 I helped run the People & Planet stream of the conference.

SMACC Conference has just run it’s last conference in March but the talks will be released online in the upcoming months.

The next project for the SMACC team will be CODA. Visit for more details and to vote on what matters to you.


DFTB19 []

The exciting paediatric acute care conference from the team of Don't Forget The Bubbles is coming back 16-19th June 2019 - on The Journey - to LONDON! Learn about caring for sick kids, improving your practice as a doctor/nurse and network with others who care for children as well. My role: OC17, 18, 19- Speaker Liaison - being a point of contact and support for speakers &  design work

Don't Forget The Bubbles

DFTB is a paediatric FOAMed website with lots of great posts about what's new in paediatric care as well as thoughts about Paeds practice as well as plenty of tips and tricks for trainees on a range of topics.

My role: Senior Content Editor + Team Lead for Media. Also Section editor for Bubble Wrap - our monthly online journal club featuring 4-6 articles from recent publications to help keep you up to date & provide some food for thought. 



The Academy of Child and Adolescent Health is a new organisation which recently had it's launch & first conference in March 2018. All health care professionals interested in advocacy for the health and wellbeing of children & adoelscents are invited to join.

AMSJ screenshot

Past Involvement: The AMSJ []

The Australian Medical Student Journal is the first peer reviewed journal for medical students. It showcases excellent research and reviews from students as well as helping provide a learning platform for medical students to learn about how to write papers and publish. My role: Now retired. Previously on the first team, together with Matt Schiller & Patrick Teo designed the format of the journal (as it currently stands!), previous print publications officer, senior editor and internal director.


Past Involvement: onthewards []

Great website pitched for doctors in training with relevant podcasts and blog posts. My role: Part of the  "on the phone" consult guide team (inspired by the Liverpool RMOA Consult Guides)

Looking forward to chairing for one session at the upcoming OnTheWards conference MAY 21st 2019.