Powerful Presentation [smaccGOLD]

Powerful Presentation [smaccGOLD]

Polish Your Presentation/Powerful Presentation is a talk I gave at the smaccGOLD Get Creative Workshop.

Please find the audio for my talk here: https://intensivecarenetwork.com/leo-powerful-presentation/


Handout for Polish Your Presentation:

What are the cornerstones to becoming a great presenter?

1)  Passion: To have slides which make an impact, you need to be engaged in order to engage your audience. When you care about what you are presenting, it makes a huge difference. Find your motive and hang on tight.

2)  Purpose: Pretty slides are all well and good, but without purpose you have a lot of content which isn’t going to go anywhere. Make sure that you find focus and understand both your audience and your material to make your ideas stick. Respect that your audience is giving you their time and treat your slides with the time and respect that they deserve.

3)  Practice: It’s painful but crucial for success. If you want to become a better presenter, you need to invest time and energy in the process and in your slides. So many of us spend all our time on our content (which is of great importance) but ignore the presentation (which also deserves some love and attention).

“Presentation Makeover”– some practical tips for your work:

1) Head:

  1. Your title slide should be interesting and catchy.

  2. Favour strong colours to stand out.

  3. Ensure that your title is easily read by everyone in the room.

  4. Personally, I prefer full screen images for greater impact

  5. Be wary of powerpoint themes

2) Body:

  1. Don’t overload your slides with too much content

  2. Try to pick out salient features, even “one point per slide”

  3. Find ways to engage your audience’s minds and emotions

  4. Don’t be afraid to use extra slides if needed (they’re free!)

  5. Remember that your slides are an aid and not the same as your


3) Feet:

  1. Always keep in mind the end goal. What do you want to be the final action point? Where do you want your audience to go or think?

  2. Keep your summary short and simple. If possible use a maximum of three take home points.

Key take home message:

Presentation is powerful and YOU (yes, really you) can be a powerful presenter.

"B" is for Bold

"B" is for Bold

"A" is for Affordance

"A" is for Affordance